Fusion Systems engineering is an extremely knowledgeable ME firm that consistently goes the extra mile. Having a keen focus on details always allows their work to be of the highest standard. None better...

- RP Fedder Corp

Fusion Systems Engineering DPC was founded on the premise that excellence in piston-2Engineering is derived from field experience, and intimate knowledge of the systems specified. Conversely, the value of the commissioning process is not just in the identification of operational deficiencies, but in bringing engineered solutions to the table to resolve inconsistencies in the field before they become emergencies during operation.


Fusion recognizes the need to bridge the gaps left between Owner-Occupants, Contractors, and the Design Professionals. We fill this void by establishing a team approach from the very first kick-off meeting, and carrying this mentality through to post-occupancy. With increasing system complexity and inter-disciplinary system design, modern engineered systems require a thorough knowledge base of industry technologies, control logic, and system architecture on the part of the commissioning authority to be effectively and thoroughly commissioned.


Our clients believe that the issues identified from a commissioning checklist only raise questions. Our commissioning process has been developed to analyze systems and provide collaborative solutions; from design review, to functional verification, to integral systems testing.