Energy Services

I have known Mark for many years and always find him to be a tremendous resource to bounce HVAC questions off of.


The modern energy market has provided a high demand for competent engineering. With increasing pressure to reduce energy consumption through legislation, financial
air-conditionersincentives, and public relations, building owners are seeing tangible and intangible benefits to improving engineered systems and building operations. Considering all of the variables and assumptions necessary to develop a reliable energy assessment, the accuracy of many studies has been called into question and history has shown that predicting building performance and return on investment accurately can be more of an art than a science.

It takes more than some one-size-fits-all spreadsheets to properly advise on Energy Performance measures. For the complete perspective it takes field experience, intimate knowledge of building operations, and engineering judgment to select and then properly vet energy conservation measures to explore and then properly model for feasibility.
Fusion Systems Engineering, through years of field commissioning experience, coordination with building operations, and design of various building systems and central plants, is in a unique position to quantify complex facility energy and financial metrics, and evaluate the creative yet practical alternates to the baseline.